Twitter API is down, who knows if it's for good, but if so it'll likely be the action that finally kills my usage.

A recent FT article has prompted discussion on birdsite as to why the idea that you become "more conservative as you age" seems to be breaking down.

As I've talked about before, this has ALWAYS misunderstood what happens. Which is that people become more conservative when they feel part of (or the opportunity to be part of) the status quo and want to preserve it.

And Xennials/below don't have that.

Here's a thread to explain. 🧵

Survived nearly 3 years without getting it, but the Rona finally caught up with me... 3 days before Xmas.

What an incredible final. Exceptional game, Messi and Mbappe are on another level. 🇦🇷

Let's not use this place to call out companies that offer bad service, but do the opposite: praise the ones that give great service. In short: let's bitch and moan a little less.

Let's not belittle each other over different approaches to our crafts, but instead be curious and understand where the other part comes from and why their approach might be right for them.

Let's make this place boring for the forces that ruined Twitter by not feeding the trolls. Engage only when it's worth it.

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Here's a thing I've been wondering about. Right now Mastodon is idyllic and blissful — especially compared to the birdsite. Maybe it's because there are so few of us, and it feels like the old-old web, where people were nice to each other and found a community.

However, this is also OUR chance to keep it that way. If we communicate on Mastodon as we did on Twitter, Mastodon will become Twitter. So let's not use this place as we did the old, but instead treat it like a new home: with respect.

Absolutely gutted about the result. Felt we played well and lost by the smallest of margins. However, this isn't the same as before. We have no divine right to win, other teams exist and winning tournaments is incredibly challenging.

The fact that I love this England team like no other, that Southgate holds himself with such brilliance, and that we went toe-to-toe with the World Champions means a hell of a lot.

I've felt proud of this team for 6+ years and continue to do so.

Not mist, not fog. Just the heat from ten footballers doing a lot of running on a cold night.

For those with even a slight affinity for sci-fi, is exceptional TV. The best Star Wars has probably ever been without being inherently what you'd expect.

Less lightsabers, Jedi and the Force; more intergalactic heists, the slow creep of tyranny and the power of cultures and traditions.

Cannot recommend highly enough.

Huzzah! My Twitter archive came through today - over 350Mb. I aim to get some sort of historical dashboard on my (upcoming but severely overdue) new website.

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Sincerely hope I receive my Twitter archive. Would really like to do something with the data on my site rather than, potentially, lose 14 years of my most active digital self. Will try to so something with Mastodon as well, either scrapping/exporting the data or setting my website to be the central source and syndicate outwards.

For anyone joining the and heading to Mastodon, please add your Mastodon handle in your Twitter bio. This helps many of the useful search tools to identify your associated accounts. It's super helpful.

On my way to . Looking forward to catching up with friends, meeting new interesting people and watching some likely excellent talks!

Felt quite empowering to setup our own Mastodon server. Looking forward to learning more about the config and how we can begin to invite like-minded people.

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